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Rabbi Simcha Rosenfeld

Born and raised in the special atmosphere of Jerusalem’s historic neighborhoods, Rabbi Simcha Rosenfeld has been active in helping his fellow Jews since youth. Already at the age of nineteen he began visiting people incarcerated in prison. He brought them refreshing food for their bodies and their souls. His positive influence had a marked effect, inspiring many to change their way of life for the better. He later established a house of Jewish study for people from these and similar backgrounds. He was a pioneer in the field of leading wayward Israeli Jews to a more positive lifestyle.

Rabbi Rosenfeld is a noted figure in Israel also for the important work he has done in building mikva'ot in many communities around the country, and for encouraging the practice of taharat hamishpacha.


How it all Began

A daughter of Rabbi Rosenfeld who was a teacher in a local school noticed that a certain pupil of hers would often come to school without a sandwich in her bag. The pupil had nothing to eat, while the others did. The concerned teacher contacted the parents, and was tearfully told that the family does not always have food at home. Sometimes not even a slice of bread. She informed her father of this, and he began sending parcels of food to this family. This was shortly before Rosh Hashanah.

Other families in similar circumstances were discovered, and Rabbi Rosenfeld began sending food to them as well. This spontaneous act of kindness eventually developed into the established organization known today as Lechem Lasova.

Lechem Lasova Staff Members

There is now a regular staff that assists Rabbi Rosenfeld in the various tasks involved with running the many activities and services that Lechem Lasova offers. Among them are:

Gitty Cohen, manager of relations with the Beitar Illit population

Michael Shachor, manager of relations with the Jerusalem population

Feigy Rottenberg, manager of special events and celebrations 

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