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First and foremost, Lechem Lasova provides needy families in Israel with food and other basic necessities. This is accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the situation—but always with Lechem Lasova’s trademarks of warmth, dignity and giving. Senior staff members maintain personal contact with recipients. They find out what their real needs are, and do their utmost to provide relevant and respectful assistance. 

Banquet and reception hall for all occasions

Holding a bris, a bar mitzvah or a wedding is a great source of joy for Jewish families. And for poor ones, it can also be a great source of worry. Even a simple celebration might be well beyond their means.

Lechem Lasova’s facilities, located a few minutes’ walk from downtown Jerusalem, contain an attractive hall that is available to the needy free of charge for celebrating these special events, all costs covered. When a bris is held, the mother will also receive a two-week supply of frozen meals for the entire family, saving her from the burden of cooking and thereby allowing her to rest and regain her strength.

Especially for holidays

Six times a year, Lechem Lasova delivers a unique package of services to needy Jews in Israel. This enables poor families to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Sukkos, Chanukah, Purim, Pesach and Shavu'os. The goods are carefully tailored to the consumption patterns of the local population and include basic food items, vouchers for the purchase of clothing and shoes, and other extras that are essential for Jewish families at holiday time.

The goods are neatly packed and respectfully delivered to the families’ homes, containing such items as meat, chicken, wine, beverages, baked goods and treats for the children. Of course, the kosher requirements of the recipients are carefully observed. Lechem Lasova is careful to give people what they really need and really use.

Over a thousand families regularly receive such packages from Lechem Lasova. 

The best thing we can do for a person lacking income is to help him or her find work. Lechem Lasova offers occupational counseling and job-placement services to help the poor better their situation. 

Rehabilitation, counseling and job placement
Much much more...
Constant community outreach for all 

Lechem Lasova’s facilities host highly popular programs on Jewish subjects. Several well-attended programs run each day. There is a program for high school and college students visiting from abroad, a very popular program geared for Israeli soldiers, and also programs for Israelis from all over the country visiting their capital city of Jerusalem.

These programs integrate music, lecture, film and interactive dialogue. After the program, refreshments are served.

Lechem Lasova’s varied fields of activity reach far beyond the above-mentioned. And there are plans to further develop and renovate the facilities, which are not presently being used to full capacity.

Many more poor families in dire need of help have contacted Lechem Lesova, but our present level of funding cannot be stretched to include them. It is crucial to bring these suffering families into the circle of Lechem Lasova’s activities. Among the general populace, the need for our activities is painfully evident.

Future projects include a center for family counseling and related forms of help. Due to the unique needs of the neighborhood adjacent to Lechem Lasova’s facilities, there also are plans to establish a meeting place for the elderly as well as an institute for the pursuit of study of Kabbalah.

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