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Letter of Thanks from  a Widow


Dear Lechem Lasova organization,

I have no words to describe the wonderful surprise I had when I received the packages you sent.


Your representatives knocked at the door, which I opened while speaking on the phone with someone, only to be greeted by an astonishing sight: two Chassidic-looking young men carrying stacks of boxes!!


Bewildered, I asked them what was going on. One of them handed me an envelope from Lechem Lasova, which had a letter that explained everything.  It goes without saying that I thanked them from the depths of my heart.


These were the same items I would have bought at the local grocery store if only I had the money. I found everything I needed inside your packages!


I cannot thank you enough. I bless you that you should always merit bringing joy to Jewish hearts.


Your letter, as well as the way I was treated by your workers, made me feel good. I felt that even though I was a recipient, something I was a bit embarrassed about, I was respected.  This is very important for people like me, since the situation we are in is already painful enough.


May Hashem grant you abundant reward!

The V. Family, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem

Dear Lechem Lasova,

We were so happy when you visited us, bringing big packages of good food. We really enjoyed the meat and chicken and other things you brought, and also the sweets.


My father was fired from his job half a year ago and since then, things have been very hard at home. The fridge is always empty and the kitchen cabinets have almost nothing in them. We even sometimes go to sleep hungry. We are embarrassed from our friends, we are embarrassed to invite them to our home to visit. We don't say anything, but we always think: why are we different from everyone else?


Since my parents turned to Lechem Lasova, things have gotten better. We have enough to eat and my parents are less pressured. The home has gotten back to normal.


I don't know how to thank you for helping so much!

With warm thanks, Miri D. from Jerusalem

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